German data protection legislation (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz BDSG) specifies that the Data Protection Officer must make the following details publicly available, as relevant and in accordance with § 4e of the BDSG
1. Name of registered company: CAFEA GmbH
2. Managing Directors: Holger Bebensee, Sven Dahler, Michael Loß, Jan Beernd Rothfos
3. Address: CAFEA GmbH, Am Sandtorkai 2, 20457 Hamburg, HRB 103 189
4. Purpose of accessing, processing or using the data: The company activities are the manufacture and trading of coffee, beverages and other products as well as carrying out various delivery activities and all related activities, and the involvement in the same or similar kinds of business activities. The accessing, processing and use of data is carried out only for the purpose of the activities as outlined above.
5. Description of the groups of people in question and of the related data and/or data categories: data of customers and suppliers and of employees in so far as this is required for the purposes listed in point 4.
6. People or categories of people who may have access to the data: official authorities upon provision of the necessary legal documentation, external suppliers in accordance with § 11 of the BDSG and external authorities and internal departments for the purposes of the activities as outlined in point 4.
7. Prescribed term for erasure of the data: All data will be erased automatically once the relevant period of time has elapsed, as prescribed by the relevant legislation pertaining to duties and periods of time for data storage. Any data which does not fall within the scope of this legislation will be erased when it is deemed no longer relevant for the purpose of the activities as outlined under point 4.
8. Planned transfer of data to third parties: Not planned.

Data Protection Officer

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